Used BMWs - Purchasing Top-Tips


The reliability of BMW has been criticised in the past, however, this point could be said for all car manufacturers if the owner does not properly maintain the car. As BMW are a higher end model of car, with proper maintenance they should be a long-lasting investment. To ensure optimum reliability from used BMWs, the owner should be taking all measures to ensure the car runs smoothly, this could include -

  • MOTs done on time.
  • Full Service History.
  • Changing Oil frequently based on time and mileage.
  • Fixing any problems promptly after discovery e.g. Electronic Issues.


When purchasing a used BMW, the buyer should focus on the budget they are setting for the new purchase. This budget should be long-term and not just the amount the car costs based on the cars maintenance needs. Firstly, a model should be selected that is comfortably within the price range, so that any unexpected costs will not take the buyer out of their budget. Different models will encounter a variety of costs. The buyer should consider the running cost of each model to calculate the long-term costs of owning that particular model. This means that the buyer will not purchase a used car that they can buy immediately, but cannot afford to run in the long term. Selling an old car can help with budgeting for a new purchase. It is important for the buyer to have sorted their finance prior to the consideration of a new car purchase.

Examples of running costs are -

  • Fuel
  • Repairs
  • Tyre prices and durability
  • Regular maintenance
  • • Insurance Costs.

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When selecting a model of used BMW, the buyer should consider their uses for the car and its level of practicality in accordance with their lifestyle. Buyers should consider certain aspects of their life and how different components of a car will adapt to their daily lives. Topics of consideration include, family size, boot size, accessibility, and efficiency. Some examples of BMW models and their suitability are as follows -

Family Cars - BMW SUV range - BMW Saloons and Touring models

  • Spacious - Large boot capacity
  • Fuel Efficient - Less money spent on fuel
  • 4 & 5 Door models - Easily accessible for car seats and buggies
  • Perfect for large families or families with small children

Sporty Models - BMW Z4, 2 Series, 4 series, 8 Series, and Bmw i8

  • Available in Coupe or some as Convertibles
  • Compact designs for the Class.
  • Higher horsepower generally.
  • Better for couples with small toddlers or without children or owned by an individual driver.

SUVs - BMW X Range.

  • Some models can be specified as Front wheel or All-wheel drive.
  • Spacious cabins.
  • Good ground clearance.
  • Larger designs.

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